Mama Hurley Mindset Coaching

Mama Hurley Mindset Coaching

Mama Hurley is a professional mindset coach based in Essex/London.

Offering exclusive high quality packages for your counselling needs.

Our minds are so powerful and if you use it correctly it can change your life with immediate results.

With repetition and over time your subconscious mind will be re programmed in a positive way and this also changes your vibration to be positive.
First you have to make the decision to pursue your dreams or make the change and then through following a range of sequences you will be able to make that shift in your life.

Your problems could vary from bouncing back from a broken relationship and losing your confidence in the process. You may even feel overwhelmed with family life, feeling overwhelmed with raising children, managing the activities that you do on a daily basis at work or at home. Your self-image and wanting a new start in your life but you just feel stuck.

My programmes are tailored to suit your needs and are flexible at the same time. I will shift you out of your comfort zone and your habits will change for the better. Your life will start to change before your eyes and there will be no looking back.